Omicron Chapter

Chapter Cause: Children’s Health

We, the Sisters of Omega Phi Beta, at the Omicron Chapter have selected Childrens Health as our chapter cause. By children we will focus mainly on elementary and middle school children, with some work also with high school ages. By health we mean not only the medical conditions suffered, but also the social, economic, and familial hardships that result. Attending an outstanding academic and medical institution like Duke University has spoiled us in many ways. Some of the best health care in the country is available to us as students, but a glass wall separates Duke University from the greater Durham community. Many children suffer because of this wall. For every child in Duke’s children’s hospital (who will also receive our help), there are more who cannot afford to be there. There are children whose lives are drastically changed when a parent or guardian falls ill; children who fall ill due to a lack of nutrition, and others from insufficient education, whether it be sexual or otherwise.

Too many teenagers become parents and/or victims of sexual abuse and violence. These are all problems that we intend for our cause to address.

We realize that health is a broad topic, but it encompasses the passions of the Duke Sisters and its broad nature ensures that future Sisters will also feel passionate about the cause. The freedom of this cause will allow us to conduct programs in sexual, nutritional, abuse, disease control, drugs and alcohol education in schools (where permissible), as well as offer help in the existing Duke Medical facilities, the Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross, half way houses for women and their children, battered women’s shelters, health clinics, rape crisis centers, the Duke Women’s Center, and local health centers around the community.

Since the fall 2000 semester Omicron chapter has done service for the Duke Womens Center, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, autistic children in the Durham area, Duke University’s Sexual Violence Prevention Week, American Red Cross, and participated in the Crop Walk, and Great Human Race. Individual Sisters have also served as tutors and mentors for children around the research triangle area.


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Chapter Executive Board
President Nathalie Herrand
Vice President Maria Suarez
Treasurer Maria Suarez
Secretary Maria Suarez
Community Service Elizabeth Canela
Membership Michelle McCree

Chartering Members
Gabriela Gutierrez
Gladys Cortez
Erica Warner
LaShawn Williams
Ariana Curtis
Historic Chapter Events
October 28, 2000 – Chapter Established