National Step/Stroll Team

In the summer of 1999, the National Board of Directors approached Soror Jessica Morales about creating a step team that would help represent OPBSI at the first ever Latino Step Exhibition. After agreeing to take on this challenge, a group of six sisters: Jennifer Carbone, Monica Estrada, Cindy Lopez, Jessica Morales, Rose Perez and Stephanie Talbott-Velez, began the process of reestablishing the step team and Omega Phi Beta’s first step performance since the founders show. The National Step Team (NST) became known as the Soul Steppin' Divas and began to gain recognition for their fierce and soulful style.

Realizing that the NST plays a major role in public relations and expansion efforts, the need to reorganize became evident. In the Fall of 2002, the National Step Team restructured to operate under a self-governing body - the NST Advisory Cabinet, responsible for overseeing all divisions of the NST. The NST Advisory Cabinet created three additional divisions under the Step Team to allow the team to achieve its vision of giving back to the community by doing what it does best:

  • The S.O.U.L. Junior Step Team - Stepping Off to Unite Latinas, a youth mentorship group pairing young girls, ages 13-18, actively engaged in their education and members of the NST.
  • The Diva Program - an initiative originally launched to fundraise for S.O.U.L. through VIP support of the NST. Today this program is open to all OPBSI members to learn the signature step routines of the NST at a simpler pace, foster an interest in the NST among members, and ultimately serve as a recruitment tool for future Soul Steppin' Divas
  • Regional Step and Stroll Teams - groups of trained sisters performing locally to help widen the reach of the NST across the nation.

With its new structure the NST has succeeded internally and externally, gaining continual respect and recognition throughout the Greek and non-Greek communities. The NST and its members have performed on Urban Latino Television, has been featured on the cover of University Latino magazine, highlighted by, featured by, and appeared in several music videos, programs, and public/media events, including the MTV True Life Series: I Am a Stepper. In addition the NST has competed across the country taking home first place in many occasions.


The success of the NST soon allowed it to branch out to a fourth division, the National Stroll Team a.k.a. Dream Team. In 2008, the NST saw a 50% growth in its Stroll Division, influencing the re-branding of the NST name to recognize the artistic creativity of both groups as the National Step/Stroll Team.

Today the NST continues to grow and remain an active team. To the members of the NST, their success lies in their passion for stepping. Stepping is more than just a 10-minute performance; it is an artistic form of communication that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The NST has participated in several philanthropic events including OPBSI's Ray of Hope Walk, developing a signature step routine to raise awareness of violence against women. We all pledge to continue to give our hearts and souls for the betterment of our community.

NST Awards and Championships:

  • LatinosStep Annual Summer Step Show - National Champions {2003, 2004, 2005}
  • LatinosStep 5th Annual Silk and Smooth Stroll Champions {2006}
  • StepCorrect National Step Competition Champions {2007}
  • RISC Step/Stroll Championship - National Step Champions {2011, 2012, 2013}
  • RISC Step/Stroll Championship - National Stroll Champions {2012, 2013}
  • Art of Stepping (AOS) Inductees to the Art of Step/Stroll Hall of Fame {2014}

To learn more about the NST and its upcoming events visit, follow NST on Instagram @OPBSI_NST, or check out NST's Official Facebook page.