Honorary Sister Dr. Emily Daniels shares her Sorority Experience

Originally posted by Dr. Emily Daniels on August 28. 2015 on the SUNY Plattsburgh Fraternity and Sorority Life site.

A Sorority Experience from the Perspective of an Alumna Initiate

Accurately describing my feelings upon opening an email which said I had won the nomination as an honorary sister for the Omega Phi Beta sorority is difficult, but I will try. There was a sense of honor, gratitude, definitely joy, humility, surprise, and a sincere appreciation, as well as a profound curiosity to engage with this organization which so closely aligns with my own passions and standpoints.

The application for this opportunity states that qualifications for this award involve:

  • A woman who lives her life with integrity.
  • A woman who embraces her capacity to lead and inspire others to make a
    difference and be a catalyst for change.
  • A woman who is actively involved in her community. She is engaged in
    service-learning; where she is interested in providing service in
    response to community-identified concerns and the connection between
    her service and her role in societyā€¯.

My desire to work within a strong community has been an ongoing goal and focus for me, both personally and professionally, and I thought that perhaps this organization might be an ideal space to do so.

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