National Leadership

The National Leadership of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporate (OPBSI) is comprised of two governing bodies focusing on different aspects of governance: the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the National Council of Officers (NCOO). Together these two bodies collaborate to ensure the success of the organization and all its entities.


Board of Trustees

The role of the BOT is to create and maintain the long-term vision for the organization and establish goals and milestones toward fulfilling the vision. The BOT oversees the progress of the National Council, the Alumnae Association, and national committees. The BOT is headed by the Chair with seats reserved for Honorary members and Founders. The National President sits on the BOT as an ex-officio member in an advisory role.

Janice Reyes-Sanchez
  Vice Chair
Ana Y. Verdejo
Dawn C. Diaz-Torres
Stephanie Rivera, Esq.
  Founder Advisor
Jane M. Vega

National Council of Officers

The NCOO focuses on OPBSI’s day-to-day operations and has full and final administrative authority over the organization and its entities. The members of the NCOO are elected and appointed volunteers focused in different areas of operational expertise. The NCOO is split into three primary teams:

  • The Executive Cabinet - composed of specialized Vice Presidents and supported by Directors.
  • The Operations team - composed of Regional Vice Presidents supporting and overseeing chapter and collective operations in their respective regions; supported by Directors and Committees.
  • The Alumnae Association - the representing body of all non-affiliated alumnae of the sorority.
Officer Name
Email Address
National President Elizaveta Reyes-Tome
Vice President of Policy & Compliance Anny B. Munoz
Vice President of Alumnae Affairs Elisa Molina
Executive Vice President of Operations LeAna A. Flores
Vice President of Finance Sherice J. King
Vice President of Membership Melissa H. Molina
Vice President of Expansion Yvette Ramirez
Vice President of Community Relations Michelina Ferrara
Regional Vice President 1: Eastern New York Mery Del Rosario
Regional Vice President 2: Mid-Atlantic Amber Rae Farris
Regional Vice President 3: Western New York Jasmine Chandoo
Regional Vice President 4: New England Veronica L. Almeida
Regional Vice President 5: Southeast Angelica E. Gumucio
Regional Vice President 6: Midwest Maria N. Ocasio
Regional Vice President 7: West Coast Jessica Rodriguez
Director of Technology Vacant
Director of Academic Development Yohansa Dottie Fernandez
Director of Herstory & Rituals Kimberly Casillas
Director of Marketing Gabriela Mata
Director of Philanthropy Anayeli Gomez
Director of Alumnae Development and Programming Alina Acevedo


The Alumnae Association

OPBSI_AAThe Alumnae Association (AA) is a stand alone entity created to represent the alumnae members of the organization that are not part of an Alumna Chapter or Collective. The AA is overseen by officers serving on the NCOO including the Vice President of Alumnae Affairs, Director of Alumnae Development and Programming, and Alumnae Administrative Coordinator.

Our mission is to engage our alumnae in the mission, vision, and goals of the sorority, create a sense of community, and support our alumnae in all areas of their lives.