Omega Phi Beta's Herstory

Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was founded on March 15, 1989 at the University at Albany, State University of New York. The historical marginalization of women, particularly women of color, has had a significant impact on the process by which multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-racial women ascertain educational, economic, social and political capital in American society.  In response to this reality, seventeen women from various racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds synthesized their passion, commitment and motivation. They envisioned an organization that would unify women of color who were dedicated to correcting the injustices that have and continue to affect our communities.

In the Beginning...

As the first Latina-oriented organization in the history of the University at Albany, our seventeen founders struggled to establish our organization, our purpose and most importantly, a precedent.

Despite experiencing continuous obstacles and adversity, Omega Phi Beta pressed on. In under a year, OPBSI co-founded the Latino Greek Council at the University at Albany, hosted countless community service and educational programs on campus and commenced gaining the interests of women who longed for a shared connection and an outlet to create change.

"Omega Phi Beta in essence was designed to EMPOWER and STRENGTHEN women. The sisters began to infiltrate a marginalized community who had no outlet, no connection, and NO LEADERS. This community was the women of color on the SUNY Albany Campus. OMEGA PHI BETA became their leader".

  • Lori A. Rodriguez, Alpha Chapter, Spring 1991

A Bright Vision for the Future...

What brought together our prominent seventeen founders and what attracted those initial new member classes still attracts so many women today. OPBSI has flourished through the diversity of its members and we attribute a lot of our successes to our organization's ability to embrace and celebrate each member's differences.

As Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. moves towards the future, we can look back with pride. Since 1989, we have managed to serve and educate a multitude of communities, donated over $20,000 to organizations serving survivors of violence against women, served thousands of communities nationwide and continued to excel in our professional and academic endeavors. Most importantly, we continue to build a sisterhood that offers unconditional support, mentorship and exceptional leadership opportunities to our members.

Our Founders

The seventeen founders of Omega Phi Beta are each unique in personality and cultural background. We proudly celebrate their diversity.

  • Saida Abrego {Salvadoran}
  • Ileana Adorno {Puerto Rican}
  • Ana E. Almonte {Dominican}
  • T. Lisa Auson {Chinese/Dominican}
  • Bevene B. Bablington {Jamaican}
  • Brunilda Y. Cruz {Puerto Rican}
  • Sara Delgado {Ecuadorian/Puerto Rican}
  • Nancy J. Diaz {Dominican}
  • Frances Echevarria {Puerto Rican}
  • Annette A. Ettrick {Panamanian}
  • Lissette Jorge {Dominican}
  • Samantha P. Lopez {Uruguayan}
  • Renee Padilla {Puerto Rican}
  • Grace Rivera {Puerto Rican}
  • Sylvia Toledo {Ecuadorian}
  • Michelle Vasquez {Puerto Rican}
  • Jane M. Vega {Irish/Puerto Rican}

Every year on March 15th sisters gather to celebrate our "Betaversary" and the vision of our 17 Radiant Founders to serve and educate through our diversity. Leading up to Founder’s Day the entire organization flies colors of Black, Forest Green, and Gold in honor of FOUNDER'S WEEK - a campaign held nation-wide from March 9th through 15th focusing on OPBSI's goals, values, and achievements.

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